Prejaculation Review #1: Check Out This New Book On Building Sexual Stamina…It’s Different

The most random thing happened the other day. I gotta share it with you. It’s well known (at least to my girlfriend) that sometimes I can’t last as long as we’d like when we have sex. I’m not embarrassed about it though, just a little frustrated.

Anyway, my girlfriend comes up to me the other night and asks me to go with her to her computer. She shows me this book called Prejaculation and I, of course, am a little bit…confused. It’s a bit of an awkward situation, even though we’re both comfortable with the facts. Anyway, she bought it because she thought it sounded decent. And, seeing as we have it, we’ve been trying some of the techniques out over the last few nights.

I’ve been doing the Refocus technique, the Tease and Please and…my favorite, the Brace Yourself method. It’s good stuff! I’ve lasted, on average, 20 minutes each time. Before I was lucky to last 8 minutes, to be honest. Anyway, check it out if you have a similar problem to what I had…

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